April 16, 2010

Lady Gaga Doesn't Have Sex

Lady Gaga advised celibacy for her fans - and claimed to be celibate herself. It was all part of an AIDS-awareness campaign, and certainly celibacy and abstinence are an effective way to avoid any STD and, of course, pregnancy (though not always achievable, alas).

It got me thinking about celibacy. Of course, the definition varies depending on who you are. At one end of the spectrum, it can mean no penis-vagina sex, but heavy petting is okay (think: teens who want to remain virgins). »»continue reading

April 16, 2010

The downside of friends with benefits

When Jennifer Nicholas sees television shows or movies where characters "hook up" or have sex with "friends with benefits," she cringes, because that's how she got herpes.

"Getting an STD wasn't even something that crossed my mind," said Nicholas, 39, who learned that she had herpes at age 22. "One day I'm at the doctor's office and it was, 'Surprise! You've got herpes.' "

Experts in sexually transmitted diseases say they've become increasingly concerned about the trend toward »»continue reading

January 28, 2010

Go Bonking, Add That Extra...Sex

It is said that sex is something which one should go for when he/ she is relaxed. There are thousands of books on the techniques of love, almost all of them proclaim that it is something best done at snails pace. But never forget the Bible of sex, Kamasutra by Vatsayayan, which while giving importance to slow & relaxing sex, also  emphasizes the importance of spontaneity? But modern man/women has forgotten this.  Where's that gone? Everything we do in a hurry, but not sex. Do it »»continue reading

January 28, 2010

Repetitive Sex Injury

Wrist pain is often blamed on excessive computer use or working with heavy machinery.

But a controversial new report has suggested a much saucier explanation - too much SEX.

Repetitive movements during lovemaking puts extra weight on the wrists, says a top medic.

This causes carpal tunnel syndrome and is one of the most common types of wrist problem in the UK.

The syndrome traps nerves, causing pain and numbness and affects as many as one person in 20.

»»continue reading

January 28, 2010

Sexual State of Mind

I'm sure you've all seen those men and women porn stars who pull off the most athletic and seemingly impossible sexual positions that leave you speechless and blushing. Without a doubt, seeing some of those scenes makes you wonder what your partner would do if you spontaneously busted out some kinky new position or scenario one night, ranging anywhere from role-playing to standing up 69-ing (just make sure your man's been doing his bicep curls). After talking with friends, I wondered where yo »»continue reading